About Tideway

Tideway serves every type of offshore energy company, from the extracted resources of oil and gas to the renewables of wind, wave and tidal. We know the business from inside out and as your EPC-contractor we go all the way. Be it stabilising windmill constructions, power cable installation, landfall construction, scour protection and pre- and post dredging for the support of pipe laying operations. We offer marine engineering, we solve challenges, invent innovative solutions and get the job done. On time and within budget.

A second line of activity is precision stone dumping for pipeline crossings, platform approaches and offshore ballasting. Operating three state-of-the-art fallpipe vessels, Tideway executes precision stone dumping to depths of up to 2,000 m. This pioneering company also developed the world’s first ‘grab and drag’ system for the excavation of Glory Holes off the east coast of Canada.

Tideway employs approximately 500 staff to support an advanced armoury of specialist DP2 fall-pipe vessels which currently includes the ‘Flintstone’, ‘Rollingstone’ and Seahorse’ as well as DP3 MPV vessel ‘Living Stone’, the world’s most advanced multipurpose vessel with highly innovative cable-laying capabilities. 

As part of the international DEME-Group we do have all the necessary and state-of-the-art equipment to handle any offshore job. And the logistics to back it up. All over the world. We provide total offshore solutions for the renewable power generation & transportation market as well as the oil & gas market. Specifically in the field of offshore windfarms our engineering services have become the cutting edge of operations. 

Whatever the challenge, we will meet it through our diverse wealth of expertise, vessels and specialist equipment. If standard solutions fit the bill, we’ll deploy them. If your task calls for a new line of thinking, we’ll work it out. Including conceiving and engineering all the necessary tools.  

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