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DEME chosen as most attractive employer of Belgium at Randstad Awards 2017

The 2017 Randstad Award for most attractive employer of Belgium goes to DEME. The award is based on the results of a survey among 11,000 respondents in Belgium. In addition, DEME also takes home the Lifetime Achievement Award based on the ratings which the company has been getting since 2009 in the Randstad Employer Brand Research.


“Is this a company you would like to work for?” is one of the questions Randstad asked 11,000 Belgian students, employees and job-seekers aged 18 to 65. Each year, the HR service provider probes the appeal of the largest employers in Belgium. Just over 51 in 100 people who know of DEME as an employer would be more than happy to join the company.

The unique thing about this is that DEME ranks among the top 3 in virtually all building blocks that make up the appeal of employers in the survey: a solid financial standing, stimulating work, job security, workplace vibe, embracing new technologies, etc. In fact, this is the first time in the history of the Randstad Award that any one business is seen to do so well across the board.

“This is a wonderful recognition of our longstanding efforts to diversify our business activities and to raise the appeal of our brand image as an employer,” DEME Director and CEO Alain Bernard commented. “The award is also in recognition of the work put in by our employees, whose entrepreneurship, innovative thinking and commitment are what make DEME into a successful company, both on the domestic market and at our projects across the globe.”

In 2017 too, DEME is continuing to seek new talent. This year will see the company recruit over 200 new staff, especially in support of its strong growth on the offshore wind energy market.

About DEME
The Belgian dredging, environmental and marine engineering group DEME is an international market leader for complex marine engineering works.

Building on more than 140 years of experience and know-how, DEME has organically moved into several related sectors, such as the financing of marine engineering and environmental projects, executing complex EPC related marine engineering projects including civil engineering works, the development and construction of renewable energy projects, providing services for the oil, gas and energy sector, the decontaminating and recycling of polluted soils and silts, the harvesting of marine resources, etc.

Thanks to an integrated company structure, DEME strongly emerges as a 'global solutions provider' which offers its clients overall solutions. DEME has the most modern, high-tech and versatile fleet. 

DEME Group has 4,600 employees worldwide and achieved a turnover of 1.97 billion euros in 2016.

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