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Visit jack-up vessel ‘Goliath’ during Open Site Day on May 7

On Sunday, 7 May, DEME is once again participating in the Open Site Day, the annual public event of the construction industry organised by the Belgian Construction Federation. As DEME's sites are mainly at sea, the Belgian dredging, environmental and marine engineering group is bringing a unique vessel to the REBO terminal in Ostend: the jack-up vessel ‘Goliath'.


DEME deploys the ‘Goliath’ primarily for the construction and maintenance of wind turbine farms at sea. The offshore installation vessel is equipped with an advanced jack-up system, giving it the ability to hoist itself out of the sea using four strong spud poles, each measuring 79 metres, and creating a stable work platform. ‘Goliath’ can load, transport and install up to 1,400 tonnes of material on board, including the foundations and rotor blades for wind turbines.

Due to the increasing demand for sustainable energy and in order to reach the European climate objectives relating to renewable energy, more and more wind farms are being built in the European seas. This year, DEME is involved in the construction of wind farms in, amongst others, Belgium, (Rentel), Denmark (Horns Rev 3), Germany (Merkur and Borkum Riffgrund 2) and the United Kingdom (Galloper).

Jobs in the spotlight
The growth in offshore wind energy also brings with it many job opportunities. In 2017, DEME is recruiting more than 200 new employees. During the Open Site Day, the job vacancies will be put in the spotlight and people who are interested can learn more about the numerous career opportunities in offshore wind energy at DEME.

Practical information
During the Open Site Day, the vessel is accessible via a signed route which takes about one hour. To guarantee the safety of all visitors, the visit is subject to strict safety measures. Pushchairs and wheelchairs, for instance, are not allowed on board. Children must be able to walk independently and it is strongly advised not to wear high heels. All visitors will receive a safety vest.

The Open Site Day starts at 10 AM on Sunday, 7 May. After 4 PM, no visitors will be admitted on board the vessel.
Address: Parking Falck Safety Services, Esplanadestraat 1, 8400 Ostend.

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