Treatment Centres


DEC is a true pioneer when it comes to soil treatment. Even before the Flemish Soil Remediation Decree was enacted in 1995, DEC was already performing many innovative remediation projects. In 1996 - just a year later - DEC founded the most advanced soil treatment centre of Europe in the Port of Antwerp.

The Soil Recycling Centre in the Port of Antwerp now handles 400,000 tonnes of soil per year and provides a broad range of treatment solutions for highly contaminated soils.

Cleaning and Recycling for a new lease of life

DEC places a great deal of emphasis on turning both soil and sediment into reusable materials for construction and other uses. DEC continues its efforts to seek out new techniques and solutions for the remediation of a wide range of contaminations.

Apart from  its centres in Belgium, located in the port of Antwerp, Zeebrugge and along the Albert Canal in Heusden-Zolder, DEC has opened several soil and sediment recycling centres abroad.

DEC treatment centre - cleaning and recycling




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