DEME Offshore equipment

Offshore installation Vessels

Given the increasing demands of today’s offshore industry - as the sector advances even further offshore in more challenging and harsher environments and as more remote locations are explored - DEME Offshore has been making sure its fleet is geared up to fulfil the requirements of our customers.

DP2 installation vessels install all subsea structures, requiring a very high reliability and accuracy, while staying on position by a Dynamic Positioning System. Several DEME Offshore vessels, working in various specialist areas have DP2, including the heavy-lift jack-up vessels 'Apollo',  'Innovation', 'Neptune', 'Thor' and the jack-up vessel 'Goliath'.

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Fallpipe vessels

The mighty DP2 fall pipe vessel 'Flintstone', highlights DEME Offshore’s focus on serving the oil and gas industry with the most capable and versatile vessels in the industry. She’s the third and largest fall pipe vessel, after the 11,500 ton 'Rollingstone' and the 17,500 ton 'Seahorse'.

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Cable installation & multipurpose vessel

Our DP3 vessel 'Living Stone', one of the most advanced multipurpose vessels in the world, entered service in 2018, and her innovative cable-laying capabilities exceeded all expectations. At the huge wind farm Hornsea Project One, this powerful new vessel enabled us to finish the cable laying time months ahead of schedule. 

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Heavy lifting equipment

DEME Offshore has been involved in wreck removal and salvage operations for almost a century. Our heavy lift vessels, in joint ownership, are unique in the world, like our 3,000 ton heavy lift vessel 'Rambiz 3000'. And we continue to invest in its heavy lift fleet with the much anticipated, 'Rambiz 4000', which is under construction.

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Offshore maintenance & service vessels

Multipurpose drilling vessel



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