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Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm selects GeoSea for turbine transportation and installation

GeoSea, DEME’s specialist in complex offshore marine engineering projects, has been awarded a contract for the transportation and installation of 90 wind turbine generators for the Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm in the UK. 

GeoSea will install 90 of the market-leading MHI Vestas 9.5 MW wind turbine generators at the 860 MW wind farm located at the UK east coast. GeoSea would be due to start work in Q1 2021. Its contract includes the design and manufacture of the sea-fastening and tagline systems, and the transportation and installation of all 90 of the 164 metre diameter turbines. 

GeoSea has a strong track record in offshore wind energy projects in the UK, including Westermost Rough, Kentish Flats Extension, Race Bank and Galloper.

innogy’s Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm will be one of the first in the world to install and operate MHI Vestas’ V164-9.5 MW turbines, described by the supplier as the most powerful and efficient on the market.

Jan Klaassen, Business Unit Manager Offshore Renewables at GeoSea: “The collaborative approach adopted by Triton Knoll during the tender process together with GeoSea’s leading position in providing state-of-the-art, integrated solutions for the offshore wind industry, has helped the project deliver a sustainable, low cost of energy.  GeoSea will work alongside Triton Knoll to engage with UK suppliers and to help maximise UK content.”

Triton Knoll is a circa 860 MW East Coast offshore wind farm project, and owned by Innogy Renewables UK Ltd (innogy). The project expects to trigger a capital expenditure investment of around £2billion into much needed UK energy infrastructure, which will enable the delivery of some of the lowest cost energy generation for UK consumers. 

The project is now progressing towards a financial investment decision likely in 2018 with full onshore construction starting shortly after, and offshore construction starting in 2020. First energy generation could be as early as mid-Q1 2021, with the project expecting to begin commissioning in 2021.

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About GeoSea
GeoSea is DEME’s specialist in complex offshore marine engineering projects. GeoSea offers a wide variety of services to owners of offshore assets, marine consultants and marine contractors in the sectors of offshore Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Civil Engineering. These services consist of the hammering and drilling of large diameter piles for offshore constructions such as jetties, mooring facilities, bridges, offshore wind farms, the installation of offshore structures, platforms and geotechnical investigations at large depths.


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