Foundation Works

Drilling and hammering large diameter piles asks for very special skills, especially with regard to offshore conditions, weather, currents, and the like. Mooring and berthing dolphins are up to 40 m long and may have a diameter of 3 m while monopile foundations for offshore wind farms can go upto 85m in length and 8m in diameter. Cranes, frames, casing, hammering and drilling equipment must be suitable for the size and the weight of every single pile. The structures are used to construct jetties, mooring facilities, bridges and offshore wind farms.

Gravity Based Foundations (GBF) are massive concrete structures, used for the installation of offshore wind turbines and exploration- or production platforms. They are not drilled or hammered in the sea bottom but placed on top of a specifically prepared and leveled bed. Transport and installation requires dedicated vessels, platforms and a high degree of accuracy.

Soft soil improvement techniques strengthen the ground bearing capacity of a particular area and makes it fit for installation of heavy cranes, terminals, warehouses, and other infrastructure on top of it. It is an alternative and often more economical approach for piling and other foundation works. Techniques depend on soil conditions and vary from vibro compaction, over vibro stone columns and soil mixing, to grouting and mixing with stabilizing additives.

DIMCO is able to execute all piling works for quay walls, jetties and similar marine foundation structures with its own equipment, being it sheet piles or profiles, combi-walls and steel piles with diameter up to 2,5 to 3,5 m or concrete piles up to 50x50 cm,  all up to 50m length.  


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