Landfall construction

DEME has extensive experience in installing pipelines in coastal and near-shore waters. We are equipped to install pipelines which discharge sewage effluents and cooling waters for power and water authorities. To date, landfall and outfall projects have taken us from the North Sea to the Far East. Depending on the project, the installation method may entail pulling by onshore or offshore winches, pulling by an onshore sheave block from a lay barge, controlled surface tow or alternatively directional drilling.

Directional drilling
DEME’s geotechnical offshore contractor GeoSea also has a considerable track record in the execution of complex directional drilling works from sea to shore and vice versa. GeoSea operates a number of heavy-duty, self-elevating drilling platforms with different types of directional drilling rigs. In general, horizontal directional drilling is an environmentally benign and efficient solution for installing cables, pipelines and other services in ports, rivers, airports and offshore. This method allows traffic or any other activity to continue without disruption during the drilling process.

GeoSea specialises in two advanced fields of directional drilling: long-distance and large-diameter. Modular equipment facilitates rapid deployment anywhere in the world.


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