Late 2015, DEME established a specialist marine infrastructure holding company named DEME Infra Sea Solutions (DISS) NV. DISS has today two subsidiaries, namely DEME Infra Marine Contractors DIMCO BV and DIMCO NV, which are active in the Benelux and on the international market respectively. 

Having this Design and Built marine infrastructure capability in-house follows demand from Clients for integrated solutions like EPC contracting. 
More and more Customers don’t want to involve several contractors and/or consultants separately anymore, potentially facing problems with interface management but instead, they prefer to deal with just a single entity, as projects get increasingly complex.  


In-house infra marine solutions 
DIMCO will be involved in any marine infrastructure/civil works project that complement and reinforce DEME’s activities. The company also has a large engineering and design department, which can assist DEME clients. The new marine infrastructure company employs today around 150 staff people. 

In recognition of its efforts, DIMCO has recently won two prestigious awards in the Netherlands.

An international jury awarded the annual 'Betonprijs' award in the category 'execution' for a creative, useful and exceptional design made from concrete. The company also won the Schreuder study prize, which was given for innovative building techniques and a creative underground solution.



CO2 footprint

DIMCO consciously supports recycling and the economical and mindful use and reuse of materials. In addition, we recognise the importance of reducing CO2 emissions. Each year, as part of our environmental and CO2 certification, we measure our carbon footprint 

DIMCO regularly employs people on its projects who are having difficulty finding work, giving them the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience at our organisation as part of the Social Return on Investment (SROI) programme. 

In the Netherlands, DIMCO is a member of “Bewuste Bouwers” (“Conscious Constructors”), which is an independent foundation that works towards improving the image of the construction industry by encouraging and promoting proper and transparent communication between construction sites and their immediate surroundings. This is an initiative that DIMCO wholeheartedly supports.

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