Giving back to the communities where we operate worldwide

DEME’s mission is to be a safe and excellent Dredging, Environmental and Marine Engineering solutions provider for the benefit of all stakeholders.
DEME takes its responsibility to the communities in which it operates very seriously. The DEME4Life Foundation is a unique organisation because it is actually the result of the efforts of our people all over the world. So many had been inspired to help communities that we decided to consolidate the many charitable actions of DEME's employees around the globe and bring them into one foundation.





In 2011, DEME supported the local Associaçaõ Beneficiente Amor a Vida in Brazil with a financial contribution for the construction of a new wing.
Crèche Nayla in Sao Vicente is located within an underprivileged district of Sao Vicente in the State of Sao Paolo. The Crèche Nayla offers shelter to children from two to six years of age.

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