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DEME wins DPC “Dredger of the Year” award for mega cutter ‘Spartacus’

 DEME has been awarded the Dredging and Port Construction (DPC) “Dredger of the Year” award for the world’s most powerful cutter suction dredger ‘Spartacus’. The vessel got awarded for its unique combination of power, size and new innovations.


The third annual Dredging and Port Construction awards promote innovation, efficiency and sustainability in the dredging industry. The award ceremony took place on November 20 in Amsterdam. The DPC award is a recognition for DEME’s innovative and green fleet investment programme focused on further increasing efficiency, both in terms of productivity and environmental performance.

‘Spartacus’ will be a new benchmark in the dredging industry. With a total installed capacity of 44.180 kW it will be the most powerful cutter suction dredger that has ever been built. The vessel’s power will enable her to cut harder soils at speeds that have not been possible before. The cutting force of a newly developed rock cutter teeth system will be twice the power of de “‘d’Artagnan class” of dredgers.

‘Spartacus’ will be able to dredge in waters of up to 45 m, compared to the 35 m depth which is presently the upper limit in the market and the dredger is capable of operating in very remote locations with limited infrastructure, given her fuel autonomy and accommodation capacity.

The 164 m long ‘Spartacus’ will be the world’s first LNG-powered cutter suction dredger and will have a Green Passport and Clean Design notation. The vessel will also have other sustainable innovations on board, such as a waste heat recovery system that converts heat from the exhaust gasses to electrical energy. Also, a cold recovery system uses the subzero temperatures of the LNG to power the air conditioning and cooling systems on board instead of using electricity.

The vessel is currently under construction at Royal IHC’s Krimpen aan den Ijssel shipyard in the Netherlands, and was launched at the shipyard earlier this month.

The Belgian dredging, environmental and marine engineering group DEME is an international market leader for complex marine engineering works.

Building on more than 140 years of experience and know-how, DEME has organically moved into several related sectors, such as the financing of marine engineering and environmental projects, executing complex EPCI related marine engineering projects including civil engineering works, the development and construction of renewable energy projects, providing services for the oil, gas and energy sector, the decontaminating and recycling of polluted soils and silts, the harvesting of marine resources, etc.

Thanks to an integrated company structure, DEME strongly emerges as a 'global solutions provider' which offers its clients overall solutions. DEME has the most modern, high-tech and versatile fleet.

DEME Group has 5,200 employees worldwide and achieved a turnover of 2.37 billion euros in 2017.

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