Cables / EPCI

DEME Offshore has the specialised knowledge, experience and techniques that are required for the installation of high voltage marine power cables. DEME Offshore manages the complete installation process, including route preparation, pre-lay dredging, trenching, cable laying and the protection of crossings and construction of landfalls.

DEME Offshore has worked on several world firsts in the power cable installation field. It laid the 576 km high voltage NorNed power cable between Norway and the Netherlands, which has a world record length. In an equally challenging project, the company installed a power cable from the Thornton Bank far-shore wind farm to the shore and installed the infield cables between the turbines. Given the distance from the coast, the depth of the sea at the wind farm and the complexity of fairways, pipelines and telecom/power cables that had to be crossed, this was an extremely complex and pioneering project.

The company can boast many pioneering sea-crossing projects in its portfolio that link oil or gas producing facilities with the consumer, including Europipe, Zeepipe, Interconnector, Medgaz, Nordstream, Bluestream and Greenstream.

Interconnectors are also a core specialist activity. DEME Offshore successfully carried out the NorNed project, which links the Norwegian and Dutch national grids and BritNed, which links the electricity grids of Great Britain and the Netherlands across the North Sea.

For the client, it is an advantage to rely on a full-service provider like DEME Offshore. At the Thornton Bank project for example, DEME Offshore was responsible for all the marine and offshore activities, providing a single point of contact for the client. For the NorNed cable installation, DEME Offshore successfully performed the cable laying, landfalls, seabed clearance and rock placement near the subsea crossings amongst other activities.

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