Marine Heavy Lifting

Marine Heavy Lift

DEME’s subsidiary Scaldis Salvage and Marine Contractors is an offshore marine specialist focusing on transportation and installation works, particularly marine heavy lifting.

Scaldis has earned a reputation as a solid and reliable partner to both contractors and clients. Marine heavy lifting can include everything from the installation of various types of jackets, piles and topsides to the installation of gravity- based structures to module lifting for the construction of Floating Production Storage Offloading vessels.

In the renewable and environmental sectors work includes the installation of concrete foundations/structures, jackets and transformer units, met masts and wind turbine generators, as well as the installation of current turbines.

Scaldis also handles the construction and dismantling of large structures, such as bridges and it carries out the lifting and placing of tunnel elements and caissons or concrete barrage constructions.

For the oil and gas sector Scaldis also handles the decommissioning of offshore installations using its multipurpose vessel Rambiz.

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