Offshore Dredging

Tideway, DEME’s offshore dredging specialist, operates one of the most modern and versatile dredging fleets in the industry, with vessels in every size and segment, giving our customers the ultimate flexibility.

Offshore Dredging encompasses pre-trenching, pre-sweeping, sand wave removal and prior pipelay and glory hole dredging. All of these activities require high precision and the very highest standards of safety, quality and environmental care, in line with the demands of the oil and gas operators. Offshore dredging requires absolute precision and for this reason all of Tideway’s dredges are equipped with High Precision Dynamic Positioning software, which guarantees precision accuracy.

Besides pre-lay and post-lay assignments, Tideway also boasts world-class references in the construction of glory holes in water depths of up to 150 m. For example, in the challenging waters some 350 km off the Canadian East coast, Tideway successfully constructed two glory holes in the White Rose oilfield as a protection against icebergs. Especially for this assignment, Tideway’s fallpipe vessel Seahorse was equipped with a heavy grab on its aft deck. The ROV ‘grab and drag’ system facilitated a precision of 10 to 20 cm. 

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