GeoSea is DEME’s specialist in complex offshore marine engineering projects. GeoSea offers a wide variety of services to owners of offshore assets, marine consultants and marine contractors in the sectors of offshore Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Civil Engineering.

GeoSea offers first-class global offshore contracting solutions to clients. GeoSea has the skills, the technology, and the equipment to perform in the most challenging marine environment. Always working closely with the clients, GeoSea understands what it takes to define and deliver a project cost-effectively, safely, and on time.

GeoSea's services consist of the hammering and drilling of large diameter piles for offshore constructions such as jetties, mooring facilities, bridges, wind farms, the installation of offshore structures, offshore wind farms and platforms and geotechnical investigations at large depths.
GeoSea offers supporting and logistic services as well as survey and inspection services and maintenance and repair services of offshore structures through its subsidiary GeoSea Maintenance.


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