Geotechnical Engineer

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Being part of the design and engineering department, the geotechnical engineer assists the tender and project teams to recognize and mitigate geotechnical related constraints, from tender until execution stage.
This requires full understanding of employer’s requirements and project execution constraints. Most projects require evaluation of the soil information, leg penetration analysis, drivability analysis and related boundary conditions. In case of design and build contracts, the review of the design basis will be required.
Technical leadership and innovation are an important cornerstone of DEME’s values. Finding Innovative approaches to technical challenges and striving continuous improvement, taking into account the strengths of your employer to come to the most economical and competitive solution, are important habits of a geotechnical engineer at DEME.
DEME Offshore Geotechnical engineers will assist the tender and project team mainly from the DEME head office in Zwijndrecht. Sporadic travel abroad might be required for meetings with designers or clients or for assistance on board of the vessels.
Within the geotechnical department we strive to provide the best service to the tender department in limited time; we optimize by automating (Python) and do advanced FE studies if of added value.

  • Offshore
  • Engineering
  • Belgium