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DEME’s subsidiary Tideway is Best Performing Employer in marine engineering sector

BREDA (NL) | The National Business Success Award Institute has selected Tideway BV (a subsidiary of the Belgian dredging, environmental and marine engineering group, DEME) as Best Performing Employer 2016 in the marine engineering sector. Thanks to Tideway’s strong positioning, this DEME subsidiary remains a leader in its market. The Nominations Committee was impressed by the company’s innovative approach and considerable knowhow, so that Tideway scores very highly for its customer satisfaction.


Lucas Bols and Hugo Bouvy, directors of Tideway, say: ‘Trust and a feel for responsibility are core values in the DEME Group. Our employee turnover and absenteeism rates are remarkably low. We prefer to offer our employees jobs that provide security, rather than temporary contracts. It increases their engagement.'     

Robert Zwaan, head of the daily Nominations Committee: ‘The sincere and real involvement of the management means that employees feel recognised and respected. Within the organisation, this has firmly established a tight-knit team of colleagues for whom Tideway is largely – and also literally – a second home.’

‘The involvement of the management with its employees is very high. They make every effort to raise the welfare of the employees to the highest possible level and to keep it there’, says the Nominations Committee. ‘Tideway is in every way an outperformer who realises that the employees represent the company’s capital. Therefore, they are the very worthy winner of the award of Best Performing Employer in this sector!’

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Kris Schillemans
DEME Group Communication
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