Since we work in a dynamic, competitive environment worldwide, and our customers consistently demand the best possible quality of service, employees who are willing to go the extra mile are DEME's biggest asset. Each and every one of our 4,600 employees contributes to achieving success.

Working for DEME often means being involved in pioneering, innovative projects. We understand that our people – their expertise, creative thinking and sheer hard work – are the foundation for the success of our business. Innovation is vital in this business if we are to stay one step ahead. Because of this, DEME makes every effort to secure special talents that will make the difference.

Recruiting and retaining the right people

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Continuous education and qualifications are crucial, but we also seek for people with an entrepreneurial, creative spirit, people who are keen to take on responsibility and those that can be team players.

Our people are passionate about what they do. DEME makes every effort to create an environment in which they can flourish and are stimulated to further strengthen their competencies, share their knowledge and develop their skills to make them strong team players ready to be deployed around the world.

Teamwork & cooperation are key to success

The market is continually developing and moves on rapidly. DEME has to be able to mobilise our experts at a moment’s notice.

An expert team of professionals can be tailored to an individual project, giving our customers peace of mind that they have the right people to get the job done, no matter how challenging. Our employees build partnerships with our customers based on mutual trust and respect. Teamwork and cooperation are the key to success.

deme values teamwork



'DEME on the Move' Campaign

A healthy body contributes to an overall well-being. Last year the 'DEME on the Move' Campaign celebrated its tenth anniversary. From the start, DEME's goal was to stimulate and motivate as many colleagues as possible and provide them ample opportunities to practice different kind of sports. 

After ten years, DEME wants to give its 'health and well-being' programme a new dimension, attracting still more people seeking a healthy lifestyle and a balanced combination of work and exercise. Therefore, DEME launched an interactive health platform, Energy@DEME, aiming to get its personnel at all levels and in all regions involved.


In April 2015, DEME presented a very strong Ten Miles team. 133 DEME shirts stood out among the masses in the 2015 Antwerp Ten Miles. 


During 2015, DEME registered over 150 participants for the DEME Cycling Team.

After twelve practice rides, a motivated team of people descended on the French mountain in the Vosges.



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