Project approach

An integrated and innovative approach to projects worldwide

DEME has built its well-respected reputation based on its dredging and land reclamation works over the last 140 years. Today, DEME offers a complete portfolio of marine and environmental activities, services to the oil and gas sector and projects in renewable energy, enabling it to be a global total solutions provider.

Our customers face ever more challenging demands and DEME has a number of initiatives embedded in the company to offer them fully integrated project solutions, ensuring safety and quality in a complex environment. In addition, we also provide project finance services.

DEME's Integrated Management System

Safety and project quality are ensured by means of DEME’s top class Integrated Management System (IMS).

The IMS seamlessly combines DEME’s QHSE-S system with a robust Project Management and Continuous Improvement approach.

DEME’s Project Management approach is described in the Project Management Manual (PMM). It is a guidance manual for project preparation & planning, execution & monitoring and evaluation & adjusting. The PMM is structured in accordance with the standard Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle for control and continuous improvement of processes and services.





Due to the ever more competitive and challenging environment, DEME develops its own continuous improvement and operational excellence methodology since 2009, known as DRIVE.

The DRIVE approach is based on the well-known principles of Lean and Six Sigma. Put simply, this means that the requirements of our external and internal customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Therefore, at the start of every project, customer requirements are measurably defined and a reporting system and KPI dashboard is implemented to swiftly identify any bottlenecks that could hinder the successful realization of the project.

At regular intervals during project execution, operational progress meetings are organized to communicate the KPI results and identify improvement opportunities. Everybody on site and on board is involved in this process.

DRIVE also provides a structured way to follow up the execution of any improvement ideas put forward by means of action lists and DRIVE exercises. Ideas for technical innovations that cannot be realized with the project resources are efficiently routed to the right technical departments at HQ, ensuring that these innovations are further developed so DEME and its customers can remain at the forefront of the industry.




DEME's Export & Project Finance Department

Not only can DEME steer, manage and execute complex projects to our client’s requirements, it can help to secure finance for the projects through our Export & Project Finance Department.

Managing and financing huge infrastructure projects can be a challenging task. Therefore, DEME works very closely with its clients throughout the whole project to ensure that a comprehensive, cost-effective solution is provided to their full satisfaction.

The Export & Project Finance Department assembles tailor-made financial packages and then negotiates on our customers’ behalf with potential investors, financial institutions and authorities worldwide. Each project finance package is specifically tailored to the needs of our client and to the individual project.

These custom-made project finance packages can take various forms, ranging from a simple buyer’s credit or a soft loan, to a full project finance structure or a combination of different forms.

Every package or structure is fully compliant with OECD regulations. Additionally, the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the project are always taken into account. DEME works with several key partners in creating the packages including the ONDD, the Belgian Export Credit Agency and Finexpo, the Inter Ministerial Committee for Financial Support of Belgian Export.

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