Projects in 2012

India SPEED Trust

India SPEED Trust


At the initiative of the staff of DEME’s Chennai-based Indian company International Seaport Dredging, the DEME4Life Foundation has given its financial support to the SPEED Trust for its charitable work to offer socially deprived slum dwellers in Chennai – the fourth largest city in India and capital of Tamil Nadu - hope for a better life. The SPEED Trust offers general education and technical skills to underprivileged children and deprived women to help them to develop sustainable, income-generating activities, independence and self-confidence.


Ghana - Fos Solidariteit


FOS Socialist Solidarity Organisation is the charity organisation of the Socialist Workers Movement in Flanders, which fights for good labour conditions and the right to health for people worldwide. The DEME4Life Foundation's project focuses on an action plan for a healthy drinking water supply and improvement of hygiene in Ghana.


DEME supports FOS Socialist Solidarity Organisation in Ghana



Bangladesh - World Solidarity/Wereldsolidariteit

DEME supports Bangladesh' World Solidarity (Wereldsolidariteit)



‘Wereld Solidariteit’ (World Solidarity) is the Non-Governmental Organisation of the Christian Workers Movement in Belgium, which pursues decent working conditions, social protection and job creation for all workers. DEME4Life focused on the development of the Chars region in Bangladesh, which is affected by numerous floods.


Belgium - Playing for Success (PFS), Antwerp

PFS is aiming to help children with learning disabilities between the ages of 10 and 14 to improve their performances at school. They do so by organising activities in an inspiring and challenging environment and surrounded by sports icons in order to boost these children’s self-image, confidence and motivation to learn. DEME4Life Foundation has offered financial support to the PFS initiatives taken by the Belgian top basketball team ‘Port of Antwerp Giants’.


DEME supports Belgium's Playing for Success (PFS) in  Antwerp



Belgium - the ‘New Belgica’

DEME supports non-profit organisations New-Belgica


Non-profit organisations ‘New Belgica’ and ‘Steenschuit’ are building a seagoing replica of the famous three-mast vessel ‘Belgica’ that made the first Antarctic expedition ever between 1897 and 1899. Some 500 unemployed people, with limited potential on the labour market, are given education and training that gives them the opportunity to reintegrate into the social community. DEME4Life Foundation supports this project because it embodies DEME’s spirit of maritime entrepreneurship and the pioneering search for new horizons and innovative solutions.

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