Projects in 2014


On the medical side support was given to ‘Bone4Kids’, an organisation offering treatment to children for broken bones that do not heal (pseudo arthrosis).

This affliction is one of the hardest problems to treat within orthopaedic surgery. Amputation is often the only solution. 
The university forum ‘New Energy for Young Dementia’ also got our whole-hearted support. This platform aims to give a boost to those suffering early dementia.






Following the terrible illness suffered by one of our employees, the Foundation also backed the little known disease ALS. ALS is a neurological affliction where motor nerve cells slowly die off. Research is essential because there is still no remedy available to stop the terrible course of the disease. 

At the beginning of September last year fifty DEME employees stood by to support the athletes of the Special Olympics in their sporting challenges during the European Summer Games, which took place in Antwerp. The DEME4Life Foundation made sure that the games organisers were given some financial help.


The DEME4Life Foundation was able to support the Damiaan Construction Camps in Bangladsesh. This organisation deserves many helping hands in its fight against leprosy and tuberculosis. A crucial part is to provide the basic infrastructure within the community, like small hospitals and health centres.





Furthermore DEME4Life supported the FOS-Socialist Solidarity Organization in their fight for decent labour and the right to health for people in the South. The DEME4Life Foundation's project focused on an action plan for drinking water supply and improvement of hygiene in Ghana.

Moreover, DEME4Life's support went also to 'Wereld Solidariteit'. 'World Solidarity’ is the non-governmental organization pursuing decent work, social protection and job creation for all. DEME4Life focused on the development of the Char region in Bangladesh. 

The Foundation also supported different organisations fighting the battle against cancer like 'Kom op tegen Kanker' and ‘Tour for Life’ in 2014. 

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