About Purazur

As part of the globally active DEC (DEME Environmental Contractors), Purazur focuses on the high-tech treatment of industrial wastewater production and the production of process water.
Only 2.5% of all the water on our blue planet is fresh water of which around 90% is not even available. Due to the further growth in the world population and industrial development, there is a growing need for water treatment and the recovery of energy and raw materials: a challenge in which Purazur wants to play an important part. Purazur offers Design, Build, Finance and O&M contracts, as well as consulting & optimisation studies, tailored to the client.

Within the DEME Group Purazur is the specialist in water treatment. Purazur has the advantage here in being supported by an internationally strongly active group and the network and experience belonging to it. DEME always invests in the search for new solutions for existing and future needs and in addition searches for the right people to do this. DEME’s sustainable and versatile activities guarantee a better future.

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