Purazur prefers a joint approach and offers different types of contracts, focussed on the customer's specific needs. We find a suitable solution for every problem.


Consulting and optimisation studies

To find the most suitable solution for a wastewater problem Purazur offers a wide range of lab and pilot tests. These are carried out in our own lab or on the client’s site. Purazur gladly searches with its clients for ways to optimise their existing water treatment plant.




Design & build (turn-key contracts)

Purazur offers total solutions. This may involve the optimisation or renovation of an existing plant, the construction of a new plant or multidisciplinary projects. A team of experienced process engineers, technical engineers, programmers and project managers is ready to implement the project to your requirements.


Maintenance & operation

To relieve the burdens on their clients, Purazur can take on the maintenance and operation of their treatment plants. Purazur has its own pool of operators and technicians for this who, if required, can provide a 24/7 maintenance service.    




Design, build, finance, maintenance & operation (DBFMO)

As a member of the DEME Group, Purazur is able to finance projects for its clients. With a DBFMO-type contract, Purazur not only manages the project, but also arranges the finance, maintenance and operation for an agreed period.

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