For every client, a customised solution is developed from a range of specialist technology, always respecting the client’s budget:


Fysico-chemical water treatment:

o    Neutralisation 
o    Coagulation/flocculation
o    (co-)precipitation
o    Settlement (settler, lamella separator,...)
o    Flotation (DAF,..)
o    Advanced oxidation (H2O2 + UV)


Biological water treatment:

o    Anaerobic
o    Aerobic 
-    Continuous systems: CAS, MBR
-    Discontinuous systems: SBR
-    Nitrification/Denitrification





o    Sand filtration
o    Bag filtration
o    Activated carbon
o    Ion exchange
o    Microfiltration
o    Ultrafiltration
Reverse Osmosis


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