Water Treatment

DEME’s subsidiary Purazur focuses on the hi-tech treatment of industrial waste water and contaminated water in Belgium and abroad. Purazur’s sister company DEC takes care of water treatment in soil remediation projects, so the expertise of both companies represents a powerful combination.

Industrial and domestic wastewater

Purazur has gained considerable experience in the design, construction and operation of wastewater treatment plants, ranging from small reed bed treatment systems to large high-tech treatment plants for industrial wastewater from various sectors: petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and metal industries. Purazur always aims for sustainable solutions tailored to the company.

Contaminated ground water and drainage water

For several soil remediation projects, both domestic and abroad, the remediation of ground and drainage water is an integral part of the project. As part of short-term drainage or soil remediation works, temporary and mobile water treatment plants are available. For long-term projects, permanent water treatment plants can be designed. If desired, Purazur also takes care of the monitoring and maintenance.



Landfill leachate

Purazur has already developed the design and construction of water treatment plants of different soil remediation and sludge treatment centres as well as landfills, which are now also operated by Purazur. These installations are designed to treat a wide range of wastewater contaminations. In doing so, Purazur has developed a specific expertise in the treatment of heavily contaminated and difficult to treat drainage water and leachate.

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