Baydaratskaya Bay, southern part of Kara Sea

Baydaratskaya Bay


The Gazprom Bovanenkovo – Ukhta Gas Mainline System is an underwater passage going through Baydaratskaya Bay, in the southern part of the Kara Sea, along the coastline of the Yamal Peninsula, Russia.

The offshore part of the 72 km trunk pipeline across Baydaratskaya Bay is in turn, part of the Yamal – European trunk pipeline system. Pipelines were installed in a pre-lay dredged trench, therefore rock had to be placed beside and on top of the pipeline.

Our solution

The main equipment 
deployed was the DP Fallpipe Vessel 'Tideway Rollingstone' 
and the DP Fallpipe Vessel 'Seahorse', as well as self-discharging bulk carriers. With a capacity of 40,000 tonnes, the bulk carriers were used to supply the rock to site.

More Tideway projects

Rock loading for the Baydaratskaya Bay project was carried out on site by transferring rock from a self-discharging bulk carrier onto the DP Fallpipe Vessel via the conveyor belt. Overall, the total installed volume represented 150,000 tonnes



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