Borkum West II Offshore Wind Farm

Offshore windfarm Borkum West II


The German June 2011 decision by the federal parliament to shut down the latest nuclear power plant in 2022 has brought the ‘Energiewende’ into higher gear. Construction of the Borkum West II offshore wind farm is just one of the many projects that are being developed in the German Exclusive Economic Zone of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Trianel Borkum Wind Park (Borkum West II) offshore wind farm is located on a 56 km² area at 45 km north of the East-Frisian island of Borkum. It consists of 40 wind turbines of 5 MW each, constructed on tripods in water depths of 25 to 35 m. The project is particularly challenging because of the distance to the coast, the depth of the sea, and the weather conditions.

Our solution

GeoSea was awarded the Borkum West II pre-piling works for 40 tripod foundations of 3 piles each and the grouting of the tripods on the pre-piles. All 120 foundation piles have each a diamter of 2.5 m.
To guarantee the installation of the pre-piles within the very tight vertical, horizontal and inclination tolerances, GeoSea used a similar solution which proved it's accuracy at the Ormonde wind farm: a triangular iron piling template with 24 m equal sides installed under the jack-up platform 'Goliath'.
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