Northwind Offshore Wind Farm


The Northwind Offshore Wind Farm is located on the Lodewijkbank in the North Sea, around 37 km offshore. It is part of a dedicated zone off the Belgian coast, where six other windfarms are already operational or planned. Water depths at the wind park range from 16 m to 29 m. The 216 MW wind farm aims to supply green power to 250.000 households in Belgium.

The EPCI contract included the design, procurement, fabrication and installation of 73 monopiles and transition piece foundations for 72 Vestas V112 wind turbine generators of 3 MW, and one offshore high voltage station. The contract also included scour protection and the supply and installation of the inter array cables.

Our solution


By providing a full package of services, DEME was able to offer the client a totally integrated solution. Various DEME-companies were involved, with ‘GeoSea Geotechnical & Offshore Solutions’ being responsible for general coordination and engineering, as well as for the procurement, fabrication, transport and installation of the foundations. GeoSea was also awarded the vessel contract for the installation of the 72 wind turbines. ‘Tideway Offshore Solutions’ was responsible for the scour protection works and cable-laying activities, including cable supply.

GeoSea managed the design and fabrication of the 73 monopile (MP) and transition piece (TP) foundations executed by its subcontractors. Final preparation for the offshore installation was carried out at the marshalling harbour of Flushing. GeoSea assigned its seagoing jack-up crane vessel ‘Neptune’ for the foundation installation. Grouting of the TP’s onto the MP’s was executed from a DP2 grouting vessel equipped with  an Ampelmann system. Tideway assigned its fallpipe vessels ‘Rollingstone’ and ‘Seahorse’ for the scour protection works. Transport and installation of the 72 Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) was executed in two campaigns, involving a.o. as well the seagoing jack-up crane vessel Neptune.

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