Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm

Geosea Offshore windfarm Ormonde


Taking advantage of its latitude and a full 17,820 km long coastline, the United Kingdom is a privileged country for the development of offshore wind energy farms. In comparison with the open ocean, the Irish Sea between England and Ulster offers relatively protected waters. Several offshore wind farm projects in this area have been awarded to specialized companies of DEME, including at Walney and Ormonde.

The Ormonde offshore wind farm is constructed at 40 km off the English city of Barrow. Each of the 30 wind turbine generators and the substation platform is supported by four-leg jackets which are mounted on top of monopile foundations.

The major challenge consisted in achieving the highest precision when piling the foundations and an unsurpassed accuracy when installing the quattropods on top of the foundation piles - despite the infamous weather conditions, the treacherous waters, and the hostile environment.

Our solution

In Ormonde, GeoSea was in charge of the pre-piling of 124 subsea foundation piles for 31 OWEC Quattropod jackets.

In order to achieve the highest possible accuracy, GeoSea developed an innovative solution. To guarantee the installation of the pre-piles within the very tight vertical, horizontal and inclination tolerances, a 250 tonnes iron piling template measuring 20 m at 20 m was installed, under the jack-up platform ‘Buzzard’.

Once the 124 pre-piles installed another specialised DEME company, Scaldis Salvage & Marine Contractors, installed 31 quattropods.


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