Transport & Installation of compression module onto the E17a-A platform


EverSea was contracted by GDF SUEZ E&P Nederland (part of the ENGIE Group) to Transport & Install a compression module onto the E17a-A platform.

The E17a-A platform is located in the Dutch sector of the North Sea, around 100 kilometres North West of Den Helder, in a water depth of approximately 39 m. The platform is a four-legged structure with gas treatment, export facilities and all the support utilities required to operate and maintain the platform. 
In order to prolong production from the reservoir, a gas compression module had to be installed onto the platform in a narrow space under the platform helideck. The module weighs some 330 tonnes and measures  around 17 m x 8.5 m x 5.0 m.

Our solution


The compression module was delivered at the port of Antwerp where it was loaded onto the deck of the installation vessel, the self-propelled jack-up platform 'Neptune'. 
The installation vessel transported the module towards the E17a-A platform and lifted the compression module onto the platform deck. It was skidded over a distance of 18 m into its final position under the platform helideck.
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