DP2 Flintstone

Fallpipe Vessels

DP2 Fall Pipe Vessel 'Flintstone'

The facts: 

main datalength o.a.154.6 m
width moulded32.2 m
draught loaded7.74 m
loading capacity approx.20,000 ton
working depth maximum2,000 m
propulsion thruster2 x 4,600 kW
swing up thruster2 x 1,800 kW
bow thruster9 x 900 kW
cruising speed15 kts
DPdynamic positioning system class 2 with auto track, auto heading and follow ROV mode 
fall pipemanufactured from high graded aluminum with innovation patented couplings, diameter 650 mm 
ROVactive heave compensated Remotely Operated Vehicle with state of the art survey equipment and 200 kW mass flow excavation tool for removal of various seabed materials 
SDUStone Dumping Unit: new design for safe and high workability 
EPLloyd's register issued Environmental Protection notation for minimizing effect on environment, covering emissions from engines exhausts and discharges to sea and air 
classificationLR +100A1, DP(AA), +LMU, UMS, NAV-1, CAC3, EP (A,B,G,N,O,R,P), ICE CLASS 1C 

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