DP2 Thor

Self-Elevating Platforms

The facts: 

construction year // 2010
generaltypeOffshore Heavy Lift DP1 Jack-Up Vessel
classificationGermanischer Lloyd
main dimensionslength70.00 m
breadth40.00 m
depth6.00 m
jacking systemtypeHydraulic Positive Engagement
capacity10,000 ton
pre load4 x 4,350 ton
speed1.2 m/min
leg length82.0 m
cranecapacity500 ton
power & propulsiondynamic positioningKongsberg DP2
propulsion2 x 2,560 kW Azimuth Thrusters
 2 x 750 kW Azimuth Thrusters
installed power10,530 kW
operational conditionspay load (max)2,700 ton
free deck area1,850 m²
operating draft (max)8.46 m
otheraccommodation56 persons
moonpools2 x 900 mm
auxiliary crane6.5 ton, manriding
other4 points mooring system

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