While the needs of the oil and gas industries have become a well-trodden path, newer technologies for wind, wave and tidal energy call for different, innovative thinking to satisfy their complex demands. Tideway has risen to these challenges with gusto, through an enthusiastic and inventive team of engineers for whom results are paramount and finding ever-better ways to achieve them is a matter of pride.

We engineer and install in a unique culture where highly educated, go-getting youngsters rub shoulders with experienced die-hards. At Tideway inspiration is always in the air. 

As an EPC contractor, Tideway ensures your project gets completed through seamless integration of expertise. From engineering bespoke solutions to executing cable installation, dredging, rock placement and landfalls. All this in very close cooperation with the client in such a way, all parties understand each other perfectly because we take care, all are on the same level of communication.

Whatever the challenge, we will meet it through our diverse wealth of expertise, vessels and specialist equipment. If standard solutions fit the bill, we’ll deploy them. If your task calls for a new line of thinking, we’ll work it out. Including conceiving and engineering all the necessary tools.  
Our stone-dumping ships take positions within 10 to 15 meter of a windmill to do the job precisely with an accuracy of 5 cm. Up to a sea state of 1,5 to 2 meters significant. That calls for special skills. Also for numerous modifications and innovations because every location is different, even in the North Sea theatre. 
The same applies for our cable laying activities. Not only is our cable installation vessel ‘Living Stone’  engineered with the latest innovations in its category, our engineers never rest on their laurels to satisfy a client. For them, the next challenge is always the most exciting.

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