Rock Placement

DEME’s subsidiary Tideway is an expert company in rock placement, with vast experience on projects for the oil and gas operators worldwide. Tideway’s hi-tech DP2 Fallpipe Vessels are the plant of choice and the fleet has a capacity for precision work in depths in excess of 2,000 m. Rock placements are executed with extremely high precision, even in these extreme water depths. Therefore, an active heave-compensated Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) is fixed below the fallpipe, facilitating precision steering.

Pipeline related services include scour protection, pipeline protection / stabilisation against anchor damage or trawler boards, upheaval buckling prevention and the insulation of pipelines.

Tideway has four DP Rock Placement Vessels: DP Side Stone Dumping Vessel Pompeï (1,500 t) and the DP2 Fallpipe Vessels Seahorse (18,500 t), Rollingstone (11,500 t) and the Ice Class vessel Flintstone (20,000 t).


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