In this respect DEME offers a variety of training opportunities, ranging from traditional classroom-based teaching to simulator training, e-learning and tailor-made solutions for individual employees. 

DEME Basics4Starters Seminar


Basics4Starters is a three-day introduction programme, which is mandatory for all DEME employees across the globe. It provides a general overview and outlines the newly developed project activities within the Group.

DEME Basic4Starters Seminar




Simulator training


DEME is renowned for its technical dredging training and provides many opportunities for employees to train via simulators. Students can optimise their skills on cutter and hopper simulators.

Dredging Technical Training and STCW 95

DEME organises an officially recognised extended dredging course, which consists of four technical modules, handling themes like soil mechanics, hydraulics, process measuring and automation, the working of dredgers and so on. The course is organised for our engineers, working on site or for our central technical departments.


DEME Skills Programme

DEME Skills Programme



This programme aims at honing relevant technical and non-technical skills for all employees with a seniority of between one and five years, who work in project teams from the tender phase to completion.

DEME 2020


This is a specialised training programme to enhance the expertise and develop the potential of future Project Managers. This three-week intensive programme, organised in cooperation with Flanders Business School, covers several areas of project management, including people skills, business management and contract management.

DEME 2020


Safety training courses


Safety unquestionably remains a top priority in all of our training programmes and this is reflected in a wide range of standard safety training courses for both staff and crew, promoting safety awareness and respect for the environment. Several consecutive modules such as ‘safety awareness’, ‘risk management’, ‘incident investigation & leadership’, ‘working in confined spaces’ and so on are included.



Additionally, for specific projects such as those in Australia we have developed a series of special site-oriented safety training courses in close cooperation with our client, local authorities and training agencies. DEME also regularly initiates new projects in an immediate response to potentially dangerous situations and in order to keep everyone up to speed on the latest developments. Examples of such new initiatives are the latest crew training courses on safe cargo loading in cooperation with Syntra, and plans to organise extra OPITO-certified offshore safety training.

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