Striking the right balance between economical growth and the ecological impact

DEME is committed to conducting its business in a way that minimises adverse impact on the environment. We recognise our responsibility to the planet and we have several key initiatives that help us to work in a sustainable way. We strive for a balance between economic development and the ecological impact of our activities, in other words, Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

We are developing innovative technologies in the fields of wind power, green and blue energy; developing solutions for remediating historic soil and water pollution, as well as limiting the environmental impact of our day-to-day operations by improving energy efficiency and reducing green house gas emissions.

We continuously develop and improve by applying an Environmental Management System according to the ISO 14001 standard, part of the Integrated Management System.

Our commitment to sustainable development goes well beyond the legal obligations. Our vision is inspired by the belief in good stewardship and the ambition to work in the interests of all stakeholders.

Right from the start of a project, the environment is a prime concern

Already in the tender phase and at the kick-off of every single new project DEME identifies environmental concerns, detailing environmental requirements from the client and the regulators, and imposes very concrete measures to meet environmental objectives.

investigating the environment is DEME's prime concern



Environmental considerations through the entire vessel’s lifetime

investigating the environment is DEME's prime concern


DEME always considers the environmental impact during any of its projects and within its own fleet. This starts right at the very beginning during the design of the vessel, when we optimise our hulls, deploy efficient engines and fuel, install bilge water separators and ballast water treatment systems. And at the end of a vessel’s life, we ensure a safe and sustainable way of dismantling is in place.

Mapping and minimising our carbon footprint

In light of the environmental concerns, DEME is mapping its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, a Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction programme is launched in 2012 and managed according to DEME's continuous improvement approach DRIVE. This programme includes the quantification and reduction of greenhouse gases. The greenhouse gas inventory is compiled under the responsibility of the QHSE Manager and verified in accordance with the internationally recognised ISO 14064 standard by Lloyd’s Register.

deme is concerned about the environment


CO2 Performance ladder

DEME has committed itself to the requirements of the CO2-Performance ladder, a tool for sustainable procurement, currently in use in the Netherlands by public sector organizations and private sector companies.

DEME is certified to the requirements of the CO2 performance ladder level 5 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (CO2 awareness certificate) and has the ambition to reach the highest CO2 awareness level.

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