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At 5,400 m in length, the offshore viaduct will connect Saint-Denis (the administrative capital of La Réunion) with La Grande Chaloupe. It will provide 2×3 traffic lanes, two of them dedicated to ‘soft’ modes of transport (buses, pedestrians, bicycles).

This viaduct is the major structure of the new ‘Route du Littoral’, which will replace the existing cliff road between Saint-Denis and La Possession, which was subject to rockfalls and flooding during tropical storms.


We had to dredge the 48 pits for the viaduct and perform the placement and levelling of gravel bed layers in the pits. Then we had to refill and level the material after our customer had installed the viaduct piles. As we were working in offshore conditions we closely monitored the sea state using prediction tools deployed alongside the project’s location.

Our scope included:

  • Dredging: 530,000 m³
  • Filter 2-30 mm : 7,400 m³
  • Filter 30-80 mm : 51,000 m³
  • Levelling filler bed layer: 67,000 m²
  • Backfilling of pits: 235,000 m³
  • Levelling of backfills: 100,000 m²

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