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The Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) aimed to develop the Satah Al Razboot (SARB) offshore oil field to secure an additional production of 100,000 Barrels per Day (TBD). This field is located offshore in the Arabian Gulf of the United Arab Emirates, approximately 120 km from the city of Abu Dhabi.

All the required drilling for the SARB Field would be carried out from two specially built artificial islands instead of the conventional steel rigs generally used offshore. These islands were built in specific locations in the SARB Field, approximately 20 km south east of the existing Zirku Island. The distance between these two islands is around 7 km. Oil production from the islands is transported by subsea pipelines to Zirku Island, where the oil processing is carried out.

DEME was tasked with the Design and Build of the two, 500 x 450 m artificial islands for the project.

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The range of marine construction activities for this pioneering offshore project was very diverse and included:

  • Dredging and reclamation of the island platform for 2 islands, SARB North and SARB South
  • Construction of the perimeter shore protection – 1,500 m length per island
  • Construction of a service harbour at each island, including 450 m of concrete block quay wall, a slipway and a 400 m long breakwater
  • Compaction and soil improvement of the reclaimed platform

As well as reclaiming the two artificial islands, the perimeter of the islands had to be protected with shore protection, consisting of various rock layers and an outer layer of armour rock and concrete armour units (Accropode II).

Total quantity installed was 4.5 million tonnes of rock materials of various sizes (quarry run, underlayer and armour rock up to 8 tonnes) and a total of 38,500 Accropode II units.

The sand body of the island was brought from seabed level (-15 m / -13 m) to elevation + 6.5m / + 8m, requiring dredging of 9.6 million m³ of sand; it was compacted to the highest standards so it would be suitable for the future oil production facilities as well as for accommodation.

Additionally, DEME’s scope included the construction of a service harbour at each island, consisting of concrete block gravity walls (block weights 50 to 70 tonnes), a slipway and a breakwater. The concrete blocks were pre-fabricated at the pre-cast yard facility in Ras-al-Kaymah, and transported by barge over a distance of 210 miles to the project site.

The project was executed in compliance with the highest standards of quality and offshore safety. The team achieved a remarkable safety performance of more than 11 million man hours with only 5 minor LTI's.

Scope carried out under this EPC contract:

  • Detailed design, including physical model testing, and Engineering
  • Sand dredging and reclamation
  • Compaction (vibro-floatation and surface compaction) of the reclaimed islands
  • Construction of the perimeter shore protection
  • Construction of the service harbours, including quaywalls, slipways and breakwaters
  • Installation of navigational aids

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