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Picture of Railway Tunnel Crommelijn in Delft


Originally awarded in 2007, the vast ‘Spoorzone (Rail Zone) Delft’ project was hugely ambitious, involving the construction of a rail tunnel directly under the historic city of Delft. 
The major challenge was building underground, whilst respecting historic monuments and maintaining a good cooperation between the community, client and contractor. This mammoth, decade-long project was awarded to the Combinatie CrommeLijn consortium which comprised DEME, Mobilis and Dura Vermeer Groep.

Picture of Railway Tunnel Crommelijn in Delft


In 2015, the project reached an important milestone when we completed the first phase of the 2,400 m ‘Willem van Oranje’ rail tunnel, which opened on schedule. We also built an underground station and parking area that year.

Initially, the tunnel opened with two completed rail tracks and under Phase 2, we added two more rail tracks. We successfully completed the second phase in 2018. 

Our wide-ranging scope included:

  • 1,800 m closed tunnel, 600 m open access ramps, 1 railway station, 2 service buildings
  • The tunnel is built as an open trench tunnel, formed by slurry walls and sheet pile walls
  • Design and fitting of tunnel installations
  • Works were carried out in phases, without disruption to traffic
  • Demolition and rearrangement of tramways, roads, cables and conduits and furnishing of public areas
  • Construction of a foundation under the historic “Molen de Roos” and “Bagijnetoren” and moving the historic “Bagijnetoren”

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