Cost-efficient and sustainable cleaning solution for PFAS-containing soil

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Environmental specialists at DEME’s de Vries & van de Wiel and consulting and engineering firm Tauw have joined forces to develop a cost-efficient and sustainable cleaning technique for PFAS-containing soil in the Dutch market.

Thanks to their cooperation, the two leading soil contamination specialists can offer customers a total solution in the field of PFAS sandy soil cleaning and granulate construction materials.

Hybrid soil washing process
The partners have developed a special soil washing process that cleans PFAS-containing soil, with an impressive cleaning yield achieved of more than 95%, in both laboratory tests and at full scale. The innovative method is a hybrid version of the wet extractive cleaning process, which, in addition to fracture separation, focuses on purifying the wash water.

Clean, or a non-cleanability declaration? In mid-May, Rijkswaterstaat Bodem+, which is part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, extended the possibilities for applying for a ‘declaration of non-cleanability’ for batches of PFAS-contaminated soil. As a result, batches of PFAS-containing sandy soil with an elutriated fraction of less than 40% (organic matter + fraction < 63 µm) can be landfilled, when the levels of PFAS are higher than 20 times the temporary standard limit.

However, dumping PFAS-containing soil is expensive ( being subject to a landfill levy) and certainly not sustainable or circular. Dumped soil is considered ‘waste’, while cleaned soil is given a second economically-viable life. The reuse of cleaned soil also saves valuable primary raw materials.

With the “DEME hybrid soil washing process”, it is possible to clean PFAS-containing soil in a sustainable manner and drastically reduce the amount of material to be landfilled (by at least 60%).

Contacts for de Vries & van de Wiel: Pieter van der Mussele (+32 4 7398 4930) or Jochem Bloemendaal (+31 6 1533 9626).


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